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FASHION: When Art & Fashion Combine


FASHION: Men's Accessories Can Say A Lot

THE SMALL THINGS From head to foot, men can say a lot about style with accessories  BY JOSE MARTINEZ As our average temperature starts to climb in St. Pete, a typical conundrum for many is how to wear less while still looking stylish.…

FASHION: Make a Statement in Black and White

BY MEGAN SIMONS When it comes to fashion, what if black and white is your palette of preference? I have good news for you – your favorite colors are timeless and as popular as ever, and there are many ways in which you can rock a B&W…

ArtPool: Vintage Goes Retro

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Indie fashion, local art and cool accessories are the hallmark of this hip  boutique BY ALEXANDRIA JONES Vintage shopping brings back fond memories for me. Getting something from a different era is exciting because I know for a…

No Sweat - Athleisure Wear Fabric Technology

New fabric technology keeps you looking and feeling cool even in the Florida heat BY JOSE MARTINEZ As we aspire to reduce our waist lines and improve our health and quality of life in 2018, outside of naked yoga, we will all need something…

Romantic Florals Never Go Out of Style

BY MEGAN SIMONS Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate, we express our emotions and devotions to our true loves and we build memories. But what is the one thing that stays in our minds the longest, what is the one thing that creates the…

Stylish Burgers - Jose & Natalie Martinez

Tell us a little about your backgrounds: Jose is the owner of Sartorial Inc., a new men’s fashion boutique in downtown St. Pete. Natalie is a wedding coordinator and special events planner in St. Pete and all over the US. Her company is…