Romantic Florals Never Go Out of Style


Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate, we express our emotions and devotions to our true loves and we build memories. But what is the one thing that stays in our minds the longest, what is the one thing that creates the warm and fuzzy feeling way after the day has come and passed? Remember Frank Sinatra singing “The way you look tonight”?  What stays for a long time in our memories is the way she looked that night!

The great thing about our fashion rules today is that there are not too many. There are three cardinal guidelines, which I follow consistently.

  • You have to be comfortable in what you are wearing
  • You have to be true to yourself, which means being unique, irreplaceable
  • You have to be exquisite, emphasizing all the best features that Mother Nature gifted you with

When the occasion calls for romance, and a dress to impress in a feminine  way, we should, without doubt, reach for floral prints. Nothing reverberates romance like pastel colors and flowers.

The options are many. Flowers of all sizes are immensely prevalent trends for 2018, from tiny peasant-style patterns looking like they just stepped out of a Jane Austen novel, to large realistic prints of the modern-girl romance.

We all have our favorite reds for special events, but I can assure you that there is one universally attractive color.  Navy is the new black, just better and definitely more versatile. Combine navy with just about any color and you won’t make a mistake. Navy is great with white for the morning, with pastels for the day, and with bolder, brighter colors for the evening. It is a color appropriate for any occasion, but not as dark and more flattering for most skin tones than black.

Clothes speak volumes about you, “fashion is an instant language” as Prada said. Go for form-fitting, sensual style if that’s your preference.  Or go for the contrary and select a wide, feminine flared skirt. This style was a hit on the runways for Spring 2018. Flared skirts have many advantages, they complement women of any height, they will thin and emphasize the waist area, and make the legs look longer.

To finish your look match your shoes with bright colors on your dress, or go for  spectacularly chic gold pumps, a pair of sparkly earrings and a splash of your favorite fragrance.  

Now,  I can imagine you entering the room, and “The way you look tonight” is taking all breaths away with the brilliance of YOU.

Photo: Fun and femininity combine is this dress with flared skirt trimmed in flowers by Joseph Ribkoff

 Megan Simons is owner and CEO of Capota Trends and owner of Pippa Pelure, a women’s fine clothing and accessories boutique on Beach Drive in downtown St. Petersburg.