FASHION: Make a Statement in Black and White


Fashions by Alberto Makali


When it comes to fashion, what if black and white is your palette of preference? I have good news for you – your favorite colors are timeless and as popular as ever, and there are many ways in which you can rock a B&W number.

Your lack of color may be worrisome, though. How can we look modern, chic and not boring?  Can we stand out with elegance and the appropriate sense of style? Can we commit faux pas with black and white?

One way to successfully wear black and white is to construct your outfits from black and white separates and wear them in monochromatic fashion or combine them together. You can easily update your look with one new piece of your outfit that has hip details.

 For trendy style try the very popular, up-to-date cold shoulder or bell sleeves. For more dramatic statements you can add textural decorations such as ruffles and bows. For the edgy style go for metallic details, sexy lace or large, dimensional flowers.

This traditional color pairing can be easily modernized with fashionable prints. Wearing and combining patterns is the fun way to play with fashion. The current print trends are exciting and stimulating with patterns that really complement the figure and control the flow of the eye.

The 2018 Spring runways were full of incredibly popular polka dots of all magnitudes, from tiny spots to softball size blotches, you simply must have at least one polka dot piece of wardrobe in your closet.

Other prominently visible prints for this season are strategically positioned stripes, NASCAR-style checkerboards, and sophisticated, realistic or abstract graphic designs suitable for various occasions. The great part about your B&W prints is that they can be worn head to toe, or you can easily pair them with any solid color.

Now you have your perfect black or white or B&W outfit, whichever you choose.  So you may be wondering how to magnificently accessorize it.  Accessorizing a B&W outfit is all about how much fun you’re willing to have. Do you want to show your sense of style and elegance, or do you just want to try something new?

Feel free to use your imagination and personalize your outfit with black and white accessories, without worrying about breaking any solid rules of fashion. Since the color choice is taken care of, you can certainly have fun with shapes and styles of your jewelry, shoes and handbags.

Another safe way to finish your look is to use one solid but bold color. Red and  pink are the predictable first choices that come to mind, but how about canary yellow, tangerine, or bright chartreuse that will kick your look up a notch.

If your goal is a sophisticated and luxurious look, you can easily achieve just that by wearing accessories in metallic tones. This is a perfect way to glam up an outfit into something suitable for a black-tie affair.

Megan Simons is owner and CEO of Capota Trends and owner of Pippa Pelure, a women’s fine clothing and accessories boutique in downtown St. Petersburg.